Air/Water Syringe Tip Disposable Blue 250 Pack Aw-3000

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DEFEND Air/Water 3-Way Syringe Tips are an excellent alternative to typical metal autoclavable tips. The disposable tips have an inner core water chamber that seats into the syringe, eliminating water contamination in the air chamber. The unique quad core design ensures instant dry air, prevents cross contamination, and delivers superior air/water spray.

DEFEND syringe tips feature an O-ring groove that secures tip lock for patient safety and eliminates leakage. The patient angle is identical to that of metal tips, providing ideal placement of the tip anywhere in a patient’s mouth, and is strong enough to allow for retraction. More cost effective than comparable disposable tips, DEFEND syringe tips are available in clear, white and blue, in 250-count bags, and blue only in 1,500-count bags.


  • Economical
  • Delivers superior air/water spray
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Unique quad core design ensures instant dry air
  • Comfortable rounded edges
  • Plastic with metal core
  • Eliminates water contamination in the air chamber
  • Secure o-ring groove eliminates leakage
  • Identical angle as metal tips

Plastic Air/Water 3-Way Syringe Tips Color Variations:

AW-1000 CLEAR 250PK

AW-2000 WHITE 250PK

AW-3500 BLUE BULK 1500PK

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