Defend Plus Jacket White Large 10/Pack  [Sj-3630Wl] - Osung USA

Defend Plus Jacket White Large 10/Pack [Sj-3630Wl]

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DEFEND+PLUS Jackets and Lab Coats provide comfort and style! Made of a soft, breathable fabric, these fluid-resistant jackets and lab coats meet OSHA requirements for blood-borne pathogens and are rated 4 1/2 out of 5 from The Dental Advisor.

These Jackets and Lab Coats also provide the latest technology in protection, with 28% better filtration (Nelson Laboratories 1/2011), and higher-quality stitching, cuffs and collar compared to the leading competition.

  • Static-free – no clinging
  • Soft 3-layer SMS fabrics
  • Fluid-resistant and breathable
  • Snap front with knit cuffs and collar
  • 1 breast pocket and 2 hip pockets
  • Latex-free
  • 10 per bag

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