Microflex Medium MidKnight Black Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Glove - 100/Box

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Microflex Medium MidKnight Black Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Glove - 100/Box

Microflex MidKnight powder-free nitrile examination gloves are designed with a distinct color that masks stains and provides improved framing effect. This is the glove of choice for individuals who demand both quality and protection against day-to-day hazards. Distinctive black color to mask stains. Excellent choice for wet environments. Fully textured for firm and consistent grip.


Masks Stains
  • Distinctive black color hides stains and provides a contrasting backdrop for identifying lighter colored material
Offers Exceptional Flexibility
  • Offers a higher tensile strength compared to both ASTM D6319 and EN 455 standards, allowing the hands to move freely and comfortably while wearing the Microflex MidKnight.
Provides Firm and Consistent Grip
  • Fully textured design and non-foaming formula enable wearers to have a firm wet grip when handling objects
Protects against Type 1 Allergies (latex-free)
  • Contains no natural rubber latex and powder-free, to help protect wearers from Type I skin allergies, skin irritation and dryness.


  • Material : Nitrile
  • Sterility : Non-Sterile
  • Shape : Ambidextrous
  • Color : Black
  • Cuff : Beaded
  • Glove Interior : Powder-Free, Chlorinated
  • Glove Exterior : Fully textured
  • Usage : For single use only
  • Length : 9.5 Inch
  • Cuff Thickness : 0.08 mm
  • Palm Thickness : 0.12 mm
  • Finger Thickness : 0.14 mm
  • Tensile Strength : 27 MPa
  • Elongation : 500 %
  • Powder Mass : max. 2.0 mg/glove
  • Protein Level : N/A


  • 100 Gloves
  • 1 Box

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